Saving Lives

Note: Still Groaning. 
I am still groaning about this 
and want to get it off my system.

It is consuming to love or care for someone even if they are pets

When Maurice became ill, I was afraid. Afraid to see he suffers; afraid that he is terminal; afraid that I will find him dead coming home from work. Just too many fears in my mind that took an emotional roller coaster in me. I have to take a day off to attend to his needs to bring him to the good doctor.

The good doctor is from India. He is a kind man with a special assistant, Nurse Aide.
Nurse AideNurse Aide is the first one to greet us. He is so calm, cool and collected. With his cat language pacifying Maurice that all will be well and he is in good hands.

Maurice has to go for full physical examination to find out what’s causing the weakness on his hind leg. I wanted to know about Maurice’s health rather than being indifferent just because he is a cat. I would die of fear not knowing.

When it was time to collect Maurice, the attendants at the vet’s office were scaredy-cats and cannot get him out of the cage. Maurice hissing and all nails out of their sockets ready to draw blood. Instead, I have to calm him down and get him out.

Poor Maurice. It must have been a terrifying ordeal for him to be examined.

The good doctor showed me the X-ray and talked about the results of the test. The prognosis is Arthritis or Ortho-arthritis. Just like me.

Recommendation: Chondroitin Sulfate. It is the same supplement that my doctor suggested that would help my bones. Now Maurice has to take the same maintenance capsule.

Like owner, like the pet.

When Maurice and Lucy were younger, I used to cook their food until the idea of buying pet food gave in due to laziness on my part. Buying pet food is fast and easy similar to buying McDonald’s.

Back in the Philippines, we fed pets scraps from our meals. A simple meal with no artificial flavoring.

I know well what goes in pet food. Most of it is by-products. The by-product is a fancy name for ‘stuff’ such as animal/fish left-over body parts mixed all together with other chemicals that become finger licking good for our pets.

The hot dog we eat is mostly made of by-products.

Guilty, I’m guilty of purchasing them.

To add to the dilemma of consumption, I recently posted Food for thought.

Disturbed with the thought of the boys and men lured, trafficked, abducted, killed and abused by the fish trade to provide ‘supply and demand’ for the growing appetite of our pets, I need to do something about pet foods.

As much as I love my pets, I love human beings, too.

Mr. Long did not know where the fish he caught ended up. He did learn, however, that most of the forage fish on the final boat where he was held in bondage was destined for a cannery called the Songkla Canning Public Company, which is a subsidiary of Thai Union Frozen Products, the country’s largest seafood company. In the past year, Thai Union has shipped more than 28 million pounds of seafood-based cat and dog food for some of the top brands sold in America including Iams, Meow Mix and Fancy Feast, according to United States Customs documents.

The United States is the biggest customer of Thai fish, and pet food is among the fastest growing exports from Thailand, more than doubling since 2009 and last year totaling more than $190 million. The average pet cat in the United States eats 30 pounds of fish per year, about double that of a typical American.

Though there is growing pressure from Americans and other Western consumers for more accountability in seafood companies’ supply chains to ensure against illegal fishing and contaminated or counterfeit fish, virtually no attention has focused on the labor that supplies the seafood that people eat, much less the fish that is fed to animals.

“How fast do their pets eat what’s put in front of them, and are there whole meat chunks in that meal?” asked Giovanni M. Turchini, an environmental professor at Deakin University in Australia who studies the global fish markets. “These are the factors that pet owners most focus on.”

This is scary. To know it is scary and not do something about it is scarier.

What am I doing catering to an underworld crime and violence?

Now, I have to reconsider and reintroduce home cook meals for my cats. Maybe, just maybe, it will save lives.

Mr. Long, who has a perpetually vacant gaze, said he never wanted to eat fish again. He added that at first he had tried to keep track of the passing days and months at sea by etching notches in the wooden railing. Eventually he gave that up. “I never thought I would see land again,” he said.

I don’t want to scare you but think about this. It may be science fiction but It reminded me of the movie Soylent Green.

Think about this.

Quotes: NY Times: Fishing Sea Slaves Pets

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Game of Groans.”


2 thoughts on “Saving Lives

  1. Well, I do like Weruva Paw Lickin Chicken because it is mainly chicken. I worry about giving cats only human food in that it won’t have the taurine and other nutrients they need. And of course they like the “junk” food.

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