I could hear the grass laugh.

When the sky closes up, it stops raining.
rain laughterGrass grows where it’s planted and dies
silently with hardly any rain for the past
three months. The care given to this grass
is better than a Persian carpet.
Who needs a carpet when I have this grass,

I love this grass.

Oh, let there be rain!
I miss the rain.
The grass misses it, too.

It’s raining. Today.
I could hear the grass laugh.
rain and ladybugEvery rain drop glistens like
a jewel, more precious than the
diamond worn by Elizabeth Taylor.

rain dropI soon have forgotten how dry it
was when I look at every detail
of the raindrop up close.

It’s a relief to hear the rain and
we are back to our name
we are known for.



27 thoughts on “I could hear the grass laugh.

  1. It has rained here in Florida every day for the past month, our rainy season.
    The grass is no longer laughing, it is screaming for help, especially since my
    lawn mower is broken and won’t be fixed until next week.
    Then again, whether the neighbors like it or not I am sort of liking
    the high grass look, better places for the lions to hide.
    Too many blessings … nature is awesome.
    Love, hugs and rain … ME and the Boss

    • Eek, they must be drowning. Be scary to see the gators move around the tall grasses than the lions. Hope the dragon flies will come and visit you instead.

  2. I’m so LOVIN’ this rain we’re currently having – it’s amazing the new life that’s been breathed into the seemingly dead pot-plants of mine! 🙂

    • I’m singing in the rain, am singing in the rain! What a glorious …. lalalala to the tune of you know. This morning, I see a green grass growing in a dead pot. It’s alive!

      • I’m seeing flowers appear on plants that I believed were well and truly dead. Even our courier lady scolded me for “letting” our front door plants die so can’t wait for her to see the new flowers and growth!

      • They are so resilient. Yay! Actually, I gave some plants a rest three weeks ago. Can’t watch them see a slow death.

    • Majority of the shots I did in my amateur ways. If it isn’t mine, credit to the photographer. Bird/bug, as long as the word Lady is attached to it, I will understand. Isn’t she a beauty?

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