Breaking News! Touchdown

One of the blogs I follow is always on top of WP especially the Reader. The only time I pay attention to WP Technology is through her blog. It just happened that media does not appear on the reader.

Note: This media is added after I posted the blog to see if it's read truly working on my site. Just Checking

Note: This media is added after I posted the blog to see if it’s read truly working on my site. Just Checking

So, I checked my reader and true enough the media I posted were not showing. This explains why my Stat went downhill.  Or maybe the Stat is a sign that I better stop blogging.

Anyway, I sent a quick note to WP.

I like communicating with them. They are always happy and very helpful. They can work miracles. And today, I received an e-mail. This is what a call service!

Hugs to WP and thank you. ❤

Hi there!

> Hi: I am aware that there were changes in WP system. How come some media > (photos) do not show up on the reader?
> --

We had previously removed featured images on sites that have their RSS feeds only show summary view rather than full post view. However, we just restored that ability earlier today, so if you still do not see your Featured Images in the Reader, let me know and I'm happy to investigate further!

If you're referring to something else besides the Featured Image, please clarify which images you're referring to, and preferably send a screenshot or two and a link to the post in question. Thank you! 

Marjorie A. || Happiness Engineer ||

10 thoughts on “Breaking News! Touchdown

  1. Never stop blogging! :).
    Yes, WP have always been helpful and timely. Can’t complain, considering it was free too. Even now, being self hosted, the software is free – clever business model

    • You said it, Marti. Most of the time, I read blogs, I will miss my thoughts should I stop blogging. FREE is the best. I wonder how they make profit from this?

  2. I’ve all the times I’ve had to call on WordPress they’ve always tended to go above and beyond. Only once I wasn’t happy but I called back later, and with the help of someone else, the problem was solved.

    • I’m so glad that you have the same great service from WP. Considering that there are millions of us. They do deserve a STAR. I seldom take advantage of their kindness because I really do not know how the computer system works. Hehehe…

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