Road Sign: Beaver in Utero Just Ahead

An American traveled to Canada and had difficulty understanding our road signs. He came up with a name for this sign.
road sign 4

‘Beaver in utero just ahead.‘ Actual meaning of the sign: Parks Canada

The more he traveled in our country, the weirder the definitions he came up with Canadian road signs.
Road sign 5

‘Should you happen to die during your visit to Canada, we will ship your remains home in a decorative urn made by one of our many talented local artisans.’

Actual meaning of the sign: Local artisans nearby.

These are just a few that he made fun of Canadian signs.

Canada has something to pick on American road signs since they are equally confusing for us Canadians.

Can you help us provide meaning to these signs?

Source: CBC News

8 thoughts on “Road Sign: Beaver in Utero Just Ahead

  1. LOVE the signs – so much has to be conveyed in one little picture. Most make perfect sense once you’re told what they mean but at the time… WHAT THE? lol 😉

  2. Very confusing indeed, and very interesting. I got the second one on both, but I had problem with the 1st Canada one and the 3rd American one. Are you sure there is such a sign? 😉

  3. 1: War between animal and machine beginning ahead. (Machines aren’t winning. They need to be driven by humans. Humans are technically animals. They didn’t think it through.)

    2: Testing for pogo-bike hybrid ahead! Not going well, but still, watch yourself.

    3: If you wanna go anywhere today you’re gonna have to show me a biker pole dance. I have specific fetishes, but I also have the green light, so……

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