Quote me and make me famous!

What is it that we enjoy quoting other people but afraid when we are quoted?

If you want to quote me, by all means: “Frankly speaking my dear, I don’t give a damn” to quote Rhett of Gone With The Wind.

Quote me and make me famous!

ME and The Boss quoted me once.

quotation-marks“It would be
absurd to think
that we are full
of virtues
just because
we are on a
spiritual quest.”

~ Perpetua, The Seeker

I can’t remember what he wrote that made me write this comment.

Recently, ME wrote something that reminds me of a note I posted on the bulletin board at work.

“You do not need to like someone
to be kind to them, as a matter of fact
you do not even have to know
the recipient of your kindness,
just be kind to everyone.”

ME and The Boss: In Our Power

This is the note.

“Everyone deserves kindness. It is essential for us to thrive.
TRY SOME!” The Kindness Foundation of Canada

Note: This is quote 3 of 3 that Norma asked me to participate. Amy of The World is a Book is kind enough to join us.

Come, chip in and let’s have fun. Find someone in your circle of friends in WordPress and quote them.

Should you wish to participate, please visit Norma‘s site for further instructions

8 thoughts on “Quote me and make me famous!

  1. Your quote sounds so true. Of late I have been thinking that the whole thing about the humans and love is not entirely true when our existence and survival is based on bloodshed repeatedly.

  2. Thanks for the remarks …
    there has been much said, both good and bad,
    about using quotes … I tend to lean towards the good side.
    Delivering a complete message in as few words as possible
    is an art and a skill not possessed by many.
    Today, quote who you may and use your God given talents
    to make this world a better place for all.
    Love, hugs and blessings … ME

  3. Maybe send you thought provoking quotes to Zen Pencils (one of my favourite web sites – maybe bc Gavin is Australian). He could bring your quote to life in visual format 🙂

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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