A Man and His Vision

Jean Vanier

“To love someone is to show to them their beauty, their worth and their importance.”

Jean Vanier founder of L’Arche.

A humanist, philosopher, theologian, man of letters is first and foremost described by his companions as a man with heart, a man of compassion. He is a passionate advocate for humanity and truth.

In a world obsessed with mastery and control, Jean Vanier demonstrates the deep value of imperfection.

It is my deepest desire to meet him one day should he come back to his homeland, Canada. Otherwise, I have to visit L’Arche in France.

Note: Quote 2 of 3 requested by Norma. Should you wish to participate, please visit Norma‘s site for further instructions. Go ahead and let’s have fun.

7 thoughts on “A Man and His Vision

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  2. Beauty is so simple but because of a superficial society that we stay in, we think of beauty as something very different than what it actually is. Good quote Perpetua. 🙂

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