Roman Numeral XIII

Tattooed on his left hip is roman numeral XIII.

At age seventeen, he had this number permanently inked on his birthday suit. It is meaningful to him because it was at that age the bullying at school stopped.

Growing up, he added another symbol, a Tiger. The meaning is courage and strength. He must have learnt this from watching the Lion King. Tiger or Lion, same difference. They are both Lord of the jungle.

Maturing wisely, knowledge put into words becomes his tool in communication. He writes pop rock punk music for his band.

One symbol he created and wears proudly on his arm is the symbol rooted in faith, love and family.

The Cross is for faith, Sword is his Dad, Shield is his Mom, and the three triangles in the middle are his two siblings and him. What is very interesting are the wings.

Granny is the wings that carried him and in his family to the bosom of faith, love and family.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.”

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