Talking Stick

I no longer listen to the weather forecast. Instead, I allow the stick to do the talking and I listen to it. The stick is up, a sign of dry weather. This is a Canadian Weatherstick that predicts the weather for centuries, tells no lies and more reliable than a meteorologist (Weather Man).
Sky 8amNormally at 8 am, I see blue skies. The sky has so much activities of birds flying from eagles to hummingbirds, but yesterday morning it was dead quiet and eerie. It felt like a scene from the Twilight Zone.

It’s not a fog. There is something covering the sky that is so thick like a pea soup.

With a little bit of breeze, the density of the smog has lighten. The sun broke it’s heat against it and we have to take cover from the UV rays.

As it turned out, the smog is caused by about 50 BC province wide wildfires. This is not a good sign.

By 7 pm,  the sun’s color changes from bright yellow to red but the pea soup starts to thicken again.
Sky 7pmI better do the rain dance to turn the stick down and make this man to stop dancing on a Monday morning mojo.

How’s your weather in your area?

12 thoughts on “Talking Stick

  1. We are all complaining of the cold here in Melbourne. Of course, us Melbournians have no idea of cold. It was 4C when I left for work and reached 11C by lunchtime. Anyway, it has past the Soltice, so it will be spring before we know it 😀

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