Muse: Changing Seasons

“My heart mused and my spirit inquired”

museShe was holding a flower when I first saw her. I wonder how she got it? Imagination takes over. Someone admires her and must have given her a flower. What a delightful sight to see first thing in the morning as I enter the building where I work.

Paying more attention to the bronze statue of a girl and a dog, I noticed how they changed with the season.

muse summer

Summer: Ole! A sombrero to shade her from the heat of the sun.

muse fallFall: Golden maples leaves covered the dog.

muse winter

Winter: She’s wearing a winter coat to keep her warm during snow days.

muse spring

Spring: Nothing makes a girl feel better with a Teddy and blanket.

It’s rather amusing when someone takes time to play with the bronze girl from providing her with flower, sombrero, winter coat, teddy and blanket. I wanted to catch the people who leaves items for others to see and reflect. I must admit I become obsessed not with the statue but what surprising items I will find on it every time I come to work.

muse girlfriend

Finally, I met one of them. A real little girl. She’s sharing her blanket and teddy with the bronze statue. How sweet can she be.

muse ty

As for the rest of the people or person that decorated the statue in a harmless way, whoever you are, I hope you are reading this. I wanted you to know how much joy it brings to me as I face the humdrum of work. I thank you.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”

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