Making the ordinary come alive

It’s great to be ordinary. With all the blogs I posted, ordinary is on the top of the list. Therefore, I will bring them back to life.


to make the most of time,
to “just be,”
and that I am more than ordinary.

God has numerous wonderful plans in store for me.
His love is the most selfless and everlasting love.

I cannot put into words how thankful I am
to be surrounded with people who love me
and go that extra mile to make me happy.

(Instagram of gratitude)

Ordinary time means 33 or 34 more weeks of sleep before Advent and then Christmas is coming! Sleeping in the Church is not counted. I must admit it’s hard to stay awake listening to the homily during the lazy hazy days of summer. Or pay attention when all I can think is the barbeque party that I want to attend. Or maybe skip Church for a day of fun with the family at the lake. (Family reflection)

Reflection 25 years ago

Ordinary time occurs in the summer and ends in fall. Summer is when the dandelions and daisies are in bloom like weeds. These are the flowers that children love to pick as a present for me. Even though I dislike these flowers, it is thrilling to know that the child is thoughtful to give me a weed. It’s the thought that counts.

Make the ordinary come alive by William Martin, The Parent’s Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for Modern Parents

Ordinary time is a  period and season to continue to be nourished by extraordinary events through faith, hope and charity.

Have a blessed Sunday and days ahead.

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