Think Happy Thoughts

Today, someone sent me this note: “Think happy thoughts and good things will happen.”

It came at a time when the world around me is crumbling down. I am fine but not the people who I care about. I wish I can share the value of thinking positively that nothing is over until the fat lady sings.

It does take a lot of imagination to think happy thoughts. In order for me to see it vividly in my mind, there are several wallpaper on my computer to ignite and to tickle my funny brain.


Source: SoundingSoul Photography – Maria Vanesa Acuto

I can still remember the lady who took this photo. She has a very warm heart in doing volunteer work for SPCA.


The color of the hummingbird is effervescent and glitters as I hurriedly took a shot of it before it flew away.


And I am throwing this in to make everyone smile.

“Vivid is limited only by your imagination.”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Vivid.”

28 thoughts on “Think Happy Thoughts

  1. I too know so many people in my circle of family and friends who are suffering greatly right now. The grace of God through prayer and a positive attitude is just key in getting through these times that inevitably come to us all. ( I love the smiling baby at the end – One can’t help but smile in response!)

  2. Sometimes happy thoughts are hidden deep but always worth the time to bring to the surface. Who could help but smile looking at those pictures? Sorry for your heavy heart. Remembering you in my prayers.

    • Thank you for your prayers. My friends need it more than I do and I need the guidance of the Holy Spirit to stir goodness out of this mess. Part of my ‘job’. And as for the photos, I see them everyday at work and certainly they help bring smiles in my face. Bless your dear heart, Patricia.

    • Noortje, thank you. I am fine. I certainly pray and hope that it will get better for my friends but it will take a while. Glad that these vivid shots made you smile.

    • It’s all in the MIND, Joanne. No photos can ever replace vivid memories. As for my friends, it will be a challenge to make it go well. Thank you.

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