On any given day, give thanks.

When it comes to gardening, I prefer to start from seeds. It reminds me of conception to birth.

The seeds are the eggs and the sperms are a mixture of good potting soil mixed with mushroom manure saturated further with water containing ample amount of liquid fertilizer. These ingredients will serve as a ground for a healthy environment. The ground serves as the womb.

Once planted they are  on the way to becoming their own person, so my gardener friends say. They consider plants as an individual with the right live on this earth.

It takes faith, hope and charity for me to do container gardening.

I have plenty of faith for these tiny specks of seeds as small as the period on this sentence. Basil is a prime example.
a basil

Basil do not like their feet getting cold. Starting them up, took so much faith in me that they will sprout. I could hear them moan and groan when the weather is cold and damp.

With the hope of warmer weather to come, days getting longer and summer season is just around the bend, they manage to gradually poke their heads from the earth. The birth of a new generation.
a seeds (6)

The fingerlings carrots appear to be weeds. In 60 days, they will mature to the sweetest orange vegetables. Fluffy fern like leaves will dance with the wind when they are fully grown.

The nasturtium seeds are big, hard and wrinkly like a sun-dried prune.  They took their time to show their beautiful tender leaves.  Soon the plant will cascade down the container bearing beautiful colorful flowers.
a seeds (4)

For these, I am grateful. I give thanks to the plants for allowing me to nurture and care for them and most importantly to my God.

Gardening is an excellent source of meditating, praying and keeping me in the now.

This moment of commitment is always available to us. It is not an absent ideal, a theoretical possibility, but always a present reality accessible through faith. The question is, are we sufficiently present to ourselves to see it, to hear the invitation and respond? Every moment is the moment because all time has been charged with divine meaning. “Now is the acceptable time.” All time is the “moment of Christ.” Like a lover, like a gardener, God patiently awaits our response, our growth.

When the plants are ready for harvesting, they will become part of charity.  The basil leaves will be given to my next door neighbor and the flowers are for the hummingbirds.

The carrots are for the children down below who cannot wait for them to grow and eat with their tiny hands and fingers. Children have such tender teeth in the their small mouth and the tiny carrots are perfect for them.

As for the nasturtium, this will become a humble abode for the aphids to keep them away from other precious plants. Aphids do need a place and eat, too.

Quote source: WCCM An excerpt from John Main OSB, MONASTERY WITHOUT WALLS: The Spiritual Letters of John Main (Norwich: Canterbury, 2006), pp. 127-28.

32 thoughts on “On any given day, give thanks.

  1. Lovely post Perpetua. I agree it is a wonderful meditative/spiritual activity. My dad loved to garden. I think it’s the one talent that skipped a generation😞

  2. When it comes to gardening, I so wish I had the patience to grow from seed. My father always grew his garden from seed and I have many memories of this but that “seed” sadly didn’t get passed along to me…

  3. to grow, nurture and care for these plants are a great “on the way”! How have you been, Perpetua! Happy to see you. 🙂 How have you been? ❤

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