Breaking News

Every day, I receive at least three e-mail breaking news alert from New York Times. This kind of news means a broken world. I simply read the headline and carry on with my simple life. But when different breaking news hit home, that is another story.

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from my sister subject: Breaking News!

Tyrone had work accident
Broken toe
Cracked rib
Mild concussion
Freak accident

broken toe

Thank goodness there is no major injury according to the medical team who took care of him. He was discharged with a cast on his leg the following day, family is taking good care of him and giving him a royal treatment.

In spite of his brokenness, he can still smile and grateful that he is alive. He is now on the mend.

13 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. Bad break … pun intended…
    When it freaks you out it is okay to be punny …
    Speedy recovery prayed for … him … ME, I’m beyond a prayer …
    Happy Saturday to all … ME

    • Tyrone is my younger brother. He was ran over by vehichle. I totally agree how preciously life is since he has gone through so much and manage to take life in stirde and with a smile. Thank you, Paulette.

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