Not Just Yet.

I write. A lot.

I carry a 4x 6 memo book with me all the time to write anything and everything that I think,  maybe read, grocery list, things to do, names and phone numbers, appointments, etc.  What I write mostly are prayers and gratitude

Feeling grateful that my Aunt called me this morning and wanted to write about it, I picked one memo book amongst a stack. Opened it. A full memo book dated 2003.

I started rereading the content and I noticed one page is dog marked.

It’s so strange to sit here and believed that time existed in infinite supply. I didn’t know that time move on with ever-increasing speed and played havoc with everything thought I could live for tomorrow. We invest so much in our dreams and hopes. And then in framed photographs, we live up for prosperity next to other pictures.

Stare out into space never to be reached again.

Soon I will be an old, white-haired lady into whose lap someone places a baby, saying: “Smile, Grandma.”

I who was picking flowers just the other day cannot fathom that it may all be over tomorrow.


Who is Sofie?
Did I read this somewhere?
Are these my thoughts?
What made me write this?
white haired lady

Was it because I saw this white-haired woman as I stare into space and her staring at something? Her hair is just as white as mine. But I don’t consider myself old. Not just yet.

Sofie, whoever you are, your thoughts are my thoughts.

26 thoughts on “Not Just Yet.

  1. Something poignant and beautiful about this line that made me pause 🙂
    “I who was picking flowers just the other day cannot fathom that it may all be over tomorrow.”

  2. I like the words and the story behind them. Of course Sophie is from the Greek word for wisdom and there is a lot of wisdom in your words. (BTW, have you seen the Miyazaki film “Howl’s Moving Castle.”)

    • oh my goodness, I checked the film and it has an interesting story line even though it’s animated. I will place a hold on this at the library. Thank you. I hope I’m not cursed since my hair started turning white at a young age. 🙂 Ahh, Sophia, the goddess of wisdom, very interesting point of view,

  3. What an interesting passage to happen upon. It always amuses me words we’ve written in the past but when we stumble upon them in the present, the process as to how and why they flowed from the pen to paper sometimes escapes us!

    • 12 years ago, I just don’t know what I was thinking and to find a photo later on is so unreal. And I was literally picking flowers the day before this was posted. Just unreal.

  4. 5-23 I have a post that alludes to how fast time flies…
    To some of us older folk, time begins to evade our memories,
    and wondering becomes a constant companion …
    Think young … ME and the Boss

    • 5-23 will be on Saturday. Gosh, you are ahead of time. It’s fun to reminisce and discuss the past to jog our memories. Between wondering and wandering, let’s hope that we don’t get lost. I will try to think younger 🙂

  5. Excellent! My hair is white too but I am not old. I am 63 and yesterday, if she had lived, would have been my grandmother’s 105 birthday. I picked up an old notebook with poems written between when I was 14 – 17. amazing. I know I am not old but when I read them I think, was I ever really that young?

    • So you are a poet at a very young age, that is great! Your mind must be so mature to be able to write poetry. White hair is now considered ‘retro’. Many young people are dying their hair platinum white. We are still very young in comparison to people in their 100’s.

      • My mind is not mature, I’m still a kid! I think a lot of the kids are doing their hair after the Game of Thrones character, Danerys. At least they seem to be moving from that ghastly beet or neon red.

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