Proud Moments

james gradRed, white and blue
Stars over you
Mama said
Papa said
You will make it through.

So proud that he finished his degree carrying his newborn son on the podium and holding his diploma.

“Enveloped” with pride? Who wouldn’t be?

21 thoughts on “Proud Moments

  1. This reminds of a day long ago when I got my diploma. A very happy memory. Thank you and congratulations to the young man and the family who supported and nurtured him.

    • After 4 or 6 years of higher education, who wouldn’t be happy to graduate. The parents have raised him well to see the importance of good education and hopefully he will instill the same to his son. Glad that it brought fond memories to you.

      • He was obviously VERY confident that his son wasn’t going to begin bellowing out during the ceremony or was ignorance bliss? Men tend to be like that, lol!

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