Never let your Mother’s name fade away.

santa cruzMother and Father are two of the most important people in our lives. Together they fell in love, married, procreate and gave us this life we have. They raised us to the best of their abilities hoping that one day we become self-sufficient and outstanding in our community, our future family and our planet. And thus, we celebrate our life, owing it to our Mother and Father.

A celebration that reminds us about important aspect of our lives is rewarding and lovely. We celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

It’s Mother’s Day.

Mother has long been gone, but I fight to keep her name alive.

She was born a Santa Cruz, got married to her first husband, took his name, kept her maiden name and ended up with Santa Cruz Papas. To keep it short, she was called Lucia S. Papas.

Then her first husband died and she remarried. Enter my dad, a Siglos. She dropped her first husband’s name and became Santa Cruz Siglos. To kept it short, she was called Lucia S. Siglos

So what’s in a name when it comes to Santa Cruz for me? When it comes to keeping my Mother’s name, it’s a big and long difference, as I found out.

Enter driver’s license.

Recently, I had a run in with ICBC, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, not able to continue keeping my mother’s maiden in my driver’s license due to systemic error. The field in the computer application does not have enough space for my full legal name.

The clerk I dealt with suggested several options to renew my driver’s license.

“How about Santacruz?”
“How about if we cut it to Santa?”
“How about if we just keep Cruz?”

This did not go very well.

“My middle name is two words: Santa Cruz, not Santacruz.”
“I am not a descended of Santa Claus. Do I look like a Santa Claus to you?”
“I am not a Cruz, I am not a Santa, I am SANTA CRUZ!”

The poor clerk did not know what to do and called someone who thinks can make me change my mind.

Clerk #2 insisted it’s all about technicality and showed me a document to back her up. My mind lit up, asked for a copy of the paper and left their office to start the war with ICBC.

I contacted the media, Global News, to expose what ICBC is doing changing people’s legal name to suit the inefficiency of their system. I found other people who have a longer name going through the same problem and accepted their fate. Changing my driver’s license name will give me more problems in the future. This is my identity that is tied in with passport, medical records, employment records and other identification not to mention the most important part, my Mother’s name.

I gave the details of the incident to the media and they were much too eager to help when it comes to battle with a big corporation similar to David and Goliath. Little people win.

Imagine having so many letters in this name: ”Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso”. In short, Pablo Picasso.

Since I was all wound up with the whole process, I let a few days pass to cool off. A week went by, I returned to ICBC and a different clerk was on duty. By this time, I’m back to my calm, cool and collected disposition and requested to speak to the Supervisor instead.

As it turned out, the Supervisor is aware of the drama, renewed my driver’s license including my Mother’s maiden with no argument. My name has a total of 28 characters.

I don’t know if the media contacted ICBC.

Every day is Mother’s Day for me and I am proud to carry her name for the rest of my life.

So, I say to you all, be proud of your Mother. Say her name out loud, thank her, love her, keep her close to your heart, honor her, take care of her when she grows old, nurture her, and give her all that warm fuzzy feelings that she deserves. Never let her name fade away.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mother. I love you and thank you for bringing me into this world.

P.S. Here’s an interesting clip Give Mom Back Her Name, #MyMothersNameIs.

11 thoughts on “Never let your Mother’s name fade away.

  1. Very nice post and a tribute to your Mom’s surname (and thus yours as well). I think the issues with governments and names is going to change (it has to change) ~ governments get stuck in a old way of doing things and are always the last to change, and it is painful (big businesses are another). They get stuck in doing things within their own culture, and become oblivious to necessary changes…

    • Thank you. They must! They are the first one that are sticky with legalities and the first one to break the rule. Imagine if my IDs have inconsistent name, I’ll never be able to travel. 😣 Now go hug the mothers of your life.

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