Cat’s Tale: Diary for Maurice

Cat's TaleDay 1: Maurice woke me up, breathing on my face and meowing. Startled and looked at the time, it was 4:01 pm in the afternoon. Everything was foggy since I went to bed delirious from having the ferocious flu bug, I slept for at least 20 hours. Second time the bug got me this year. Normally, Maurice doesn’t wake me up and I am grateful that he did. Maurice, my cat, is as good as a family member. It felt as if he just saved my life from death of deep slumber, never to wake up.

Day 2: Click, click, click. Maurice’s nails must be long and making a clicking sound on the wooden floor. Observing him as he passed me by, he is dragging his hind legs again. God, I hope the mechanical problem of his legs are not coming back. For most of the day Maurice went under the blanket. The only time he came out was during dinner time and went back to sleep.

Day 3. Quiet. Not a peep from Maurice. Thinking that this must be sign of old age, I left him alone. He came out of his hole for dinner, did not finish his meal and back to bed.

Day 4: I am starting to feel concerned for Maurice. When I lifted him out from his hole, his bed is wet. Maurice cannot get out of bed since both of his legs have less mobility. He won’t eat nor drink water. Time to see the good doctor.

The good doctor gave him another shot for arthritis since it worked the first time Maurice had an attack. He did not do any blood and urine test before now this is an essential step.

Day 5: Maurice was restless all night. He managed to jump into my bed twice. This is good progress, but he must stay away from my bed for he leaves a trail of dribs and drabs of urine. Hardly had any sleep because the shuffling of his legs as he walked all night long kept me awake.

I manage to take a few winks and the sound of digging in the sand box woke me. The box is still clean and has not been used. I don’t know which one of the three cats went into the new box I bought for Maurice. Later on, I found Lucy playing in the box rolling all over the sand.

Time for breakfast. Maurice ate. After eating, he quickly runs into the box, made a trickle and did Number two.

Good boy, Maurice. For now, I feel relieved. No pun intended.

Spent all morning searching for answers on the internet. Nobody really knows what causes it. There are many speculations and in the end, the owners euthanize their cat.

Euthanasia is out of the question for me. Call it whatever you want, mercy killing, assisted suicide, putting to sleep. It’s killing.

My goal for now is to keep Maurice comfortable as we wait for the result of blood and urine test. The next step is to do major laundry for all the rags and old blankets that he soiled reeking with urine, wash the floor, and take a good long hot shower.

28 thoughts on “Cat’s Tale: Diary for Maurice

  1. I just bought my old dog the product (and gave to my Yorkie that passed) Purica, Recovery SA, Beyond Pain relief, it’s (150g) $22.00 + tax. ( it comes in a Vegan powder,or beef flavored tabs) I use the powder to mix in his food. For my dog’s weight I only have to give him 1/4 tsp. once a day, a bottle lasts a couple months or more, so it would be way less for a kitty. Most Vet’s recommend it together with the meds they prescribe so it won’t affect the meds. It really helps, please give it a try…… Maurice really sounds like he’s suffering……..It won’t hurt to try some! It’s even made in Duncan, B.C….at least look it up on their web site and read about it,
    you can buy at a health food store that sells stuff for cats and dogs and even horses. I don’t get any kickbacks for this stuff, I just believe in it.
    (((hugs)) T.

    • I’ve heard of recovery. Thank you for suggesting this {{T}}. That is so thoughtful of you. One more night of meds and we return for a follow up. I will mention this to the good doctor. Why did you give Yorkie Recovery? Arthritis?

      • He had Cushings Disease, the Recovery extended his life about 1 yr. he turned back into a puppy,Please read my Blogs on Petey the Cushings Pup, I’d be very grateful! Good Luck BC girl!!
        Luv T..

    • Helen, it’s hard to see a defenseless creature get sick similar to a baby. We just don’t know what’s going on. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Perpetua.

  2. Wish the best for Maurice…that is a great opening photo of him. Nothing quite like a friend like that, which makes for difficult days as they get older. Difficult, but still very special. Wish you a great week ~ and everyone gets better soon.

    • That photo was taken the first time he got sick on February and he started hiding. Now, he won’t even come out under the blanket. Thank you. I will give him a hug for you. Oh, the joy of growing up.

    • TK, awweee indeed and Maurice is not whining at all. It’s ME! Yes, please do pray and asked St Francis for help. I will keep definitely keep you posted so that I have a record of his status. How’s Rufus?

      • He’s at the stage where he needs a fur-cut. Besides that he’s okay. Makes me smile at least ten time a day! Yep, St Francis it is! Gotcha!

  3. I am so sorry. My old diabetic cat gets fits of incontinence every once in a while. Or I should say he avoids the litter box but will pee on throw carpets (that can be washed). I started putting old towels down and he understood and used them. We went through about 6 months of urine soaked laundry every couple of days but now he’s been good for a few months. I don’t know why he did it or why he stopped. They are part of the family and as long as he’s not in pain I will roll with the flow (no pun intended!). Here’s hoping Maurice improves.

    • Thank you, Kate. Six months! Yikes, I can’t imagine having to go through a month of this. I don’t mind laundry but having to follow him with toilet paper to wipe him and checking the part where he sat down to dry up the dribble can be taxing. No rolling, we don’t know where the wet spots are. 🙂 Three more days of meds and we are off for further testing.

    • Thank you, Jo. Maurice would really like all the hugs and cuddles. He seems to be taking it all in with not a peep at all. Did you have problems with your cats similar to this?

      • Touch wood we’ve had no concerns to date with our cats but they are still youngsters being only 5 and 6. Perhaps youth is on their side at the moment…

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