‘Til We Meet Again…

… Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one and wild precious life?

The Seeker

It’s becoming to be a blur to me.
Too many things going on.
Focus, I need to focus.
I bid you so long.
for now.

Thank you for your readership.

A song and wishes for you. Pax Tecum ~ Perpetua

26 thoughts on “‘Til We Meet Again…

    • Good day, Helen. As you can see, I am going to focus on something else. Needless to say, I am off for a while. Will be back, tho’. Happy Easter. Perpetua.

      • I want to focus again what I did before blogging, As you can see in the photo it focus NOT on the blur as I was walking through the light. I will visit from time to time and maybe post as well. Happy Easter.

      • Talk about ME not focusing, I only saw the photo and the words within it and thought what a lovely reminder on life. Somehow I TOTALLY missed what you’d written underneath, I’m so sorry. Wishing you solitude in your garden, cuddles from your cat, and happiness in your heart. Take care 🙂 xx

    • Happy Easter, Amy. Yes, that is the Focus of this post, good eye. And the story is this is where I part for now the blogging world. I will come to visit once in an while and post should I need to empty my mind. Take care of your sweet self. Perpetua

    • Hi Teri. It was good. How much Easter Eggs did you eat, eh? Been off line focusing on other stuff. Take Care of your sweet self. Perpetua. Sending you love and prayers.

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