Be Careful

Stone where Jesus's dead body was laid for anointing of the oil (Holy Sepulcher)

Stone where Jesus’ dead body was laid for anointing of the oil (Holy Sepulcher)

As we enter the Holy Sepulcher, there lies a slab of stone where Jesus’ dead body was laid. The Orthodox priests anoint the stone with rose scented oil, walking around it as they say their prayers and holding an incense burner.

What an experience to stand in this Holy Ground. It feels surreal as if I am in a dream.

Standing still and watching the people touching the stone; embracing it with their body; pouring their tears; wiping their scarf to absorb the rose oil; I can only imagine seeing a dead body lying on the stone.

How does one treat a dead body after they have done so much injustice to an ordinary man with extraordinary teaching?

With this question in mind, I wrote my notes to file meditating on a body: alive or dead.

Be careful of these eyes
 they are the sight that gazed
 lovingly on the grandeur of God’s creation.

Be careful of these ears
 they are the receiver of God
 calling me in the quiet.

Be careful of this nose
 it is the breath of life I take in
 breath in ease, breath out disease.

Be careful of this mouth
 it holds the lips and tongue
 that speaks the truth about God.

Be careful of these hands
 for they hold and embrace
 give and receive the Gift of God.

Be careful of these feet
 for they follow the footsteps
 of saints and sinners returning to God.

Be careful of this heart
 for here God lives within me
 loving everything that God created.

14 thoughts on “Be Careful

    • Glad you ask whose eyes these are. starting from cats: Maurice and Lucy (alive); Ruby and Rex (deceased); Jan the lady looking back a friend (deceased); Kristen full eyes Jan’s daugther (alive); Audrey Hepburn left eye (deceased) Right eye wearing glasses is yours truly. I can sense you are careful fellow, so do take care, Randall. Cheers, Perpetua

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