Dying to oneself.

Palm Sunday WalkWalking down from Mount Olives is Palm Sunday road, a road that Jesus took riding a donkey. It’s downhill and I saw this man and his donkey. They must be exhausted doing business with pilgrims like me to experience where Jesus walked.

Lent can be exhausting especially when I don’t want to give up something that I ‘like’. It’s a similar feeling to making New Year’s resolution. Knowing quite well that I detest doing it and I set myself up for failure.

I do it anyway to remember that I need discipline in my life. Should I have failed, there’s always a do over.

The awareness of fear awakens and alerts my senses in what I can do in the ordinary life I live so that I experience how extraordinary it is. I think this is one of the pointers of Lent even though I am particularly unprepared.

Being a seeker and a believer, I know my personal God will direct me. My ego has no place for Lenten practice, thus I abandoned it.

I abandoned Facebook at the beginning of the year. It wasn’t a New Year’s resolution, it’s because I can and have no need for being ‘liked’.

Feeling more courageous, I removed the ‘like’ button in this blog. That is much harder to take when the scene of Sally Fields acceptance speech as the best actress of the year keep playing in mind “You like me, you really like me!”

Death to the Ego! Die! Die! Die…

Such an ordinary method that created an extraordinary awareness. I got it.

I suppose this is what Lent really means. Dying to oneself.

10 thoughts on “Dying to oneself.

  1. The ego has a good appetite for likeness. It has a solid capacity to shine and makes us blind. You are fortunate to be at this holy place. But I thank you as I have seen a bit of this place through your photography. 🙂

  2. Interesting that you dropped the “like button” I was considering doing the same as I think it can sometimes focus on the wrong elements of blogging – status rather than communication. God bless have a wonder filled Easter.

    • It does create some diversion or encourage trolls. When I look at other bloggers outside WP, there is no such thing as like button only a comment section. The writer does not even respond to the comments. It’s more for readers to respond to a comment. Thank you, Claire and blessings to you and yours during this Holy Week. Perpetua.

  3. It is not death, it is putting the ego in a place where
    one can find room in their heart for service to others,
    peace of mind and serenity.
    This is not just for Lent, it is for life.
    Love, hugs and may you find happiness, peace and serenity.
    ME PS … yes … I like you …

    • You always have the right words to say. I enjoy experimenting on me how I can change or shock this ego. And you are absolute right, it for life, a life giving process. Thank you, ME.

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