If I were to remove myself from Facebook, would anyone notice that I was gone?

Social Media

I used to get phone calls all the time and talk forever
I would pride myself as a conversationalist
I still am.

Phone conversations are now limited to volunteer work
Without them there would be none
Calling the older generation to keep in touch
But not the younger ones
Because I don’t know how to hold a conversation through texting.

The world of social networking has taken over the art of conversation
Texting has taken over the original use of what a phone does
I often wonder if I were to call someone if they would recognize my voice
If I were to remove myself from the world of Facebook
Would anyone even notice I was gone?

If they are my Facebook friends
Would they know how to reach me
Call me at work or at home
Find out how I was doing?

You think they would, most likely they don’t
So who deems worthy of being your “friend” on Facebook
If they don’t even know how to get a hold of me aside from FB?

So in retrospect, am I worthy?

I have to move with the times of social networking
Facebook is a great place for it
To find out and ‘know’ what is going on with family and friends.

Who got married? Who graduated? Who’s who?
Who’s going on vacation to where? Who got a new job?
Who had a baby? Who is sick? Who just died?
Who needs a prayer? Who said the prayer?

But when I think about it, how did I ever manage to do it before?

So much has changed
I truly miss having what I had before
I want to see you in person. I want to touch you. I want to hear your voice.
I want to receive a hug. I want to give you a hug. I want a good laugh until it hurts.
I want to see you smile, I want to see you cry. I miss my friends, I miss my family.
I miss human interactions.

Facebook fills a void
It’s sad that I cannot reach through the screen
I am grateful for modern technology
It’s thrilling to have instant gratification
But I keep going back the time when the phone rings
And it’s not someone soliciting
A friend calling “Hey! What’s up? I’ve been thinking about you.”

Facebook is like a room full of people
Everyone is talking, no one is listening
Full of selfies, look at me, you really like me
I’m tired of all the likes
I don’t like to be like anymore
I’m tired of those emoticons.

So I left Facebook. Nobody noticed that I was gone.

Image source: Anonymous Art of Revolution via Carolinafrica

26 thoughts on “If I were to remove myself from Facebook, would anyone notice that I was gone?

  1. “Facebook fills a void”

    Yes, but as you suggest it creates one in a form as well. The only reason I stay on it is to advertise my cartoons and to get pictures of my children and grandchildren which I save.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you and I too miss the days of the past where we actually met and talked face to face or over the phone. Hearing the person on the other end of the phone laughing or just listening to the beauty of their voice.. In the super highway of technology where we can connect with so many, we are yet, alone…Great post my dear, bravo

    Take care from, Laura ~

    • Thank you, Laura. There is very little interaction in FB. Instead of chatting on FB, I call. It’s faster to talk on the phone and is more personal. Blessings. Perpetua.

  3. Kudos… it’s the Bosses job to keep up w/FB
    however, she makes it an every two week duty to call all of her
    old friends, whether they are on FB or not, just to hear their voices.
    ME… I love the void and my WP community keeps me entertained enough.

  4. I don’t do FB. I did it for a week and just hated it. I’d rather email or call or send a note to those I love. Somehow, a 1000 “friends” on FB isn’t any kind of reality. To me, it is just laziness. If people can take the time to post useless updates (my kids and I are snuggled on the couch! We’re going to see a movie! I have a stomach upset!) Really? You want 1000 people to read this drivel? Why not having a real conversation with people who really care? I lost an aunt this week that I dearly loved. I did not do generic updates on FB, I caller her, I visited her. if one has time to post crap on FB, one has time to send pics of nieces, whatever, in an email to a few people who truly care and just hit a Like button….FB to me is the end of civilization and civil behavior. People who live on FB need to get a real life.

  5. I don’t like FB either but I have not been able to describe why very well, you have done a very good job at describing the way I feel about it. It really does seem as though young people are communicating in a different language now.

    • Thank you, Peter. I noticed that they can’t communicate without having to show what’s in their FB or iPhone. I sometimes have to ask if they can put their gizmo and use their brain in having a conversation with me.

  6. I’m happy that I noticed your thoughts on Facebook and life with it and without it.
    I left Facebook more than a year ago. I reached out to nearly everyone I was “connected” with and let them know how to find me. It’s been working well for me. I hadn’t realized how much time and energy Facebook was sucking from my life. I’ve been inviting friends to join “real life” and some have made steps in that direction. So it goes.
    Thanks again,

    • Kudos to you, Vincent. That is a bold move to reach out and invite them in real life. What I find useful about is finding the so called ‘friend ‘ is still alive even tho we hardly ‘like’ what we share in FB. Take care. P

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