If Any Little Word of Mine


A little bit of bread for the pigeons, place them on top of the shoe, be very very still, the bird will come to feed right on the left foot.

It doesn’t take too much to make someone happy especially the elderly who came for a walk with the aide of her walker and take a seat at the bench to rest.

She was full of joy. The bird is just as happy as she was.

If any little word of mine
May make a life the brighter;
If any little song of mine
May make a heart the lighter,
God help me speak the little word,
And take my bit of singing
And drop it in some lonely vale,
To set the echoes ringing.

If any little love of mine
May make a life the sweeter;
If any little care of mine
May make a friend’s the fleeter;
If any lift of mine may ease
The burden of another,
God give me love, and care, and strength,
To help my toiling brother.


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