I’m Singing in the Rain

rainy daysVancouver aka We(s)tcoast
And we live true to this name
Wet and cold.

I own plenty of umbrellas
Orange, Blue, Green
Printed, Floral, Strips
Even a Canadian Maple Leaf brolly.

They are no ordinary canopy
Each one represents my personality
And paid big bucks for them
Not made in China
But made in Vancouver.

My signature, my phone number tattooed
On the skin of each shade
Should I lose it, I might get a call
But Vancouverites need umbrella
Finders keepers, losers weepers.

Lost two, my favorite
The orange and green
Left them on the bus
I’m pretty sure when found I will get a call.

No calls.

One rainy day a parade of umbrellas
As people lined up in single file
Three rows deep waiting for the B-Line
Then I saw my umbrellas
Green just boarded the bus
Orange a couple of passengers away
Me six people behind.

What to do?
Should I ran after them?
Should I ask for them back?
Maybe they just look like my brolly?

I let them ride the bus
And I stayed behind for the next one
Humming “I’m singing in the rain.”

Weather Report: Rain all week.

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