Show ME ….. Please.

My niece came to visit for a day of bonding. Being a child with her own iPhone, she is technologically talented. Being a good Aunt, I gave her a bookmark with a slogan “Think before you click!” She got the idea but she has short selective memory.

While at my place, she was taking photos and video especially the cats. No idea whether I was in it because I was busy entertaining her Mother until I saw her very intent with what she took, played with it a bit and clicked!

Curiosity got a hold of me and asked her what she just did. ‘Oh, nothing’, she said: a typical answer from a juvenile.

I was horrified what happened when I just gave her lesson on Clicking 101.

The interrogation started between me and Lucy.

‘Show me.’
‘I can’t.’
‘It’s one of those things that when you send it, it’s gone.’
‘WHAT! Who did you send it to?’
‘To Mom.’
‘Really, now? Show ME!.’

Finally, her mother intervened and said it’s okay.

She uses Snapshot where you take a photo, jazz it up, send it out and vanishes from Lucy Throwback Thursdayher system. Dangerous, in my opinion.

Checking her Mom’s iPhone, this is the photo she sent. Her selfie and Lucy when they were three or four years old posted on my fridge.

Apparently, this is the new craze out there. Gosh, I cannot keep up with technology. I suppose, I am lucky that I don’t have a cell phone: a good excuse not to learn. But apparently, I can use my iPad.

Lucy, show me how to use it on my iPad. Please.

And she was more than pleased to teach me Snapshot 101.

11 thoughts on “Show ME ….. Please.

  1. I don’t know if I like kids under a certain age being able to send out pics with some sort of override or supervision. It has been the cause of too many bad things….not funny but bad. All the stuff on FB….just too much sharing, too open, too welcoming to bad things and predators. She is young and does have that selective memory but it really needs to be stressed to her, don’t send without getting permission…..protect her, please.

      • I try to be a good Aunt to all children. ❤ Last week, a pedophile dealing in child porn was arrested….two blocks away! he said he often would grab the images of children from FB that folks innocently post – like little girls in underpants, babies naked in tubs, little boys in bathing suits…you get my drift. All posted by loving parents blind to the fact that people they don't want to see, see. He also told how easy it was to to get children to send things to him. Please, I hope her parents read this and listen.

      • I agree with you. FB, Twitter, Instagram has so much show and tell. I will make sure Mom will get this message. Thank you for caring and looking after the young ones.

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