Claudia’s story: This is my home.

I am a landed immigrant from Mexico. I moved to the False Creek are in 1995. Since then I have felt comfortable with this community. I believe that the people who come to the False Creek Community Centre and live around this are what make this community a healthy, friendly and safe place to live.

Vancouver Story ClaudiaI still remember the first time I arrived in False Creek. I was walking on the seawall, amazed by the green areas; the creek; the sunlight reflected on the buildings across the water and the mountains. When I got to Granville Island, my first impression was that time stopped here. I loved the old-fashioned factory buildings, the art studios, the public markets and the bridge; all combined to make the place a unique spot in Vancouver. I thought, I want to stay.

I started at the community centre as a volunteer, meeting people and learning the new culture and language. Most importantly, I was becoming part of the community. I have always appreciated that it was here that I learned to play tennis and started to be involved in fitness and other activities. It was here where I met my friends and learned how great Vancouver is. I still love my native country, but now this where my home is.

By: Claudia Arreola ~ A Vancouver Story No. 6

Granville Island

6 thoughts on “Claudia’s story: This is my home.

    • Thank you. Vancouver has so many stories of people that migrated to Canada. My cousin’s story was written in stone which I posted before. Thank you.

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