Because We Are Girls

girlsBecause we are girls
Father wants us to stay home
Because we are girls
Mother wants us to be free

Because we are girls
Father does not want us to go to school
Because we are girls
Mother wants us to be educated

Because we are girls
Father wants us to follow the custom
Because we are girls
Mother wants us to have our own mind

Because we are girls
Father wants us to do as told
Because Mother is a girl
Mother told Father to go to hell

Mother made it happen for the girls.

I wrote this in memory of my Mother who raised 13 children: 7 girls and 6 boys. The girls had equal opportunity as the boys, to be educated. All of her children finished higher education. Even though my Mother had only 4 years of elementary education, she had given us what we need in order to rise above poverty. Education is one of the best gifts a parent can bestow to her children and we are forever grateful to Mother.

This is also written to celebrate International Women’s Day from March 1 to 8, 2015.

21 thoughts on “Because We Are Girls

  1. I salute your Mother!!! She had a progressive mind.
    Consequently, in my research on Mabini for a docu that I am currently doing on him I came to know that if his proposed Constitution got approved instead of Calderon’s Malolos Constitution version, women would have enjoyed the right to vote as early as 1900!…

    Yes! there should be equality.
    Mabuhay ang kababaihan!!!

  2. This is lovely. I think migrant parents (of which mine are) are especially atuned to this as they know with education brings more opportunity. My mother worked as I grew up to ensure there was enough income to send me to school and uni (twice – I got two degrees)

  3. You go girl, and know that a beautiful mind,
    male, female, white, black, brown, yellow or red
    is a terrible thing to waste.
    Love, hugs and stay smart … ME

  4. You and your siblings are a very lucky; the greatest gift a parent can give a child is an education ~ and with the look of all those smiles on your faces in the photo, I’d say you all gave them a great gift back as well.

  5. Education is indeed the best gift any parent can give their children. You were indeed fortunate to have such a far-sighted mother who understood the value of education for all her children, and your post is a wonderful way to honor her memory.

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