To Fall In Love With Anyone, Try This App — Or This One, Or This One

So, have you printed the list of 36 Questions on how to fall in love and experimented it on someone yet? How was it for you? Are you in love? Do I hear wedding bells?

If not, no worries. There is now an App for that provided by Apple iTunes. They do think of anything and everything for the sake of love for money.

All thanks to Mandy Len Catron who published an essay in The New York Times describing her experience replicating a study that claims to accelerate intimacy between two people in her Love Story Project blog.

But then again, I’d rather experiment it with a cat. This cat looks exactly like my cat, Maurice. Such a sweet talker.

Last night, Maurice seems to be losing mobility on his right hind leg. Please send you healing love and prayers to Maurice. Thank you.

20 thoughts on “To Fall In Love With Anyone, Try This App — Or This One, Or This One

      • It is hard with cats, the no jumping thing. I usually put them in a room with invitations to jump, like chairs, tables, mantles…put a warm cozy bed on the floor, food on the floor, etc. and close the blinds or curtains to eliminate outside distractions. I have a small room where I can easily move the few things out into the hall or stash in another room.

    • Hi T. Just came back from the Doctor. It appears that he injured his leg from who knows what. Jumping around while I’m at work. On pain meds for the next three days and have to keep him from jumping. Not going to happen with cat. Thank you for your concern. P

      • That happened to my Shi-tzu, we had to carry him up and down the stairs for 4 or 5 days, he weighs about 20lbs, he’s like carrying a sack of spuds! Didn’t help my back any though! Glad to hear he’s Ok, be on the watch for when the pain meds kick in cause then they want to play and end up hurting themselves allover again!! Do you have a Crate for him to keep him from moving around too much? or a Dog sitter/hubby??

      • Maurice is light weight 14 pounder for a 12 yr old cat. I don’t have a crate, And my neighbour checks the cat during the day when I’m working. Let’s see over the weekend. So far, he is just sitting close by.

      • Ha! I thought he was a dog!! so sorry, my mistake!! Get a box w/ soft blanket and his litter box and Put both in the bathroom not near each, close door……but then he’ll meow all day……Good Luck! I ran out of advice! You live in Vancouver? (UBC)?

      • Dogs and cats are similar though. Just as good. Thank you, Maurice needs the luck. Burnaby actually. Ever come to the mainlaind, let me know and let’s meet for coffee. 🙂

    • Tuna is Maurice’s favourite and He loves hugs. He is snoring right night on my side of the bed. Don’t have the heart to wake him up. The vet gave him pain meds and will continue for the next three days. He thinks he injured his leg. Now, I need to be medicated after the anxiety I caused predicting the worse case scenario. Thank you, Joanne.

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