Are you wearing pink? I am!

Pink is about acceptance.
pink shirt acceptance

Pink is about safety.
pink shirt safety

“Schools play an important role in helping children and youth develop this essential aspect of their social development – both by teaching healthy relationship skills and by modeling healthy relationship skills in practice. 

Families and Schools share responsibility for helping children and youth learn socially responsible behaviours. Teachers can enlist the support of parents and families to reinforce the healthy relationship skills their children are learning.”

Personally, I do not want to see another Amanda Todd.

“An employer has a duty to ensure the health and safety of its workers, and as a result, employers must take all reasonable steps to prevent where possible, or otherwise minimize, workplace bullying and harassment. Workplace bullying and harassment can lead to injury, illness or death.”

Personally, I do not wish anyone to suffer at work due to poor management.

“Provincial legislation targets and shuts down these properties which adversely affect the health, safety or security of one or more persons in the community or neighbourhood and interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of one or more of the properties in the community or neighbourhood.”

Personally, I do not want to see a dwelling housed by addicts and prostitutes.

This is the legislation in placed in British Columbia, Canada about safe kids, safe workplaces and safe communities. Do you have any legislation where you live?

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