Playing by the rule

One photo cropped in three different ways. Does this count?
Rule of 3

There is a reason for this madness. Last week, I asked Mama Cormier about the symmetrical ducks which one is male and which one is female? Of course, we can’t tell the difference!

Curiosity got a hold of me so I followed these ducks all week to find out whether I can tell the difference. Can you?
rule of duck

But one duck has a funny rear and there is a “tell tail” sign. Taking a photo from the rear end, this is definitely a female. As you can see, the bulging behind on this one that is kind of lumpy. I think these are eggs in the making. What do you think?

As for the rule, I am throwing this in.
rule of third

25 thoughts on “Playing by the rule

    • Hi Noel. Thank you for your kind words. They are the most ordinary things in life that I prefer to focus during my break period at work. Then I can face the task at hand when I return to the job. Thank you. Seeker.

    • What do you mean, Tina? Okay, how can I tell which one is female? I thought I really broke the science of symmetrical. Darn. As for the flower, it’s a beautiful winter addition.

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