In Love With Love


Photograph by Adam Harnett/Carters News Agency

Puppy Love: Nettle, a mother dog, never worried when she needed a break from her pups. A chicken named Mabel was happy to take over as surrogate mom. Brought to live inside a farmhouse in England after a horse stepped on her foot, Mabel would fluff up her feathers, plop down on top of her brood of pups, and tuck them under her body as if they were chicks.

Horses during courtship, mature stallions and mares sniff, nuzzle, nicker, and even nip at each other.

Pigs, which have been living side by side with humans for some 9,000 years, cooperate in social groups known as sounders.

* National Geographic ~True Love: Surprising Photos of Animal Affection.


12 thoughts on “In Love With Love

  1. I had a pet chicken named Little Red, used to put her in my bike basket and take her for rides, my pig was named Margaret, I used to cover her up every night with straw, I’d say good night and she’d grunt back (hopefully saying goodnight!) I’d go into her pen and play with her, I was so sad she was sold for pork chops, all because she wouldn’t let any boys near her. I think she loved me instead, and she wanted to be with me.
    I have a clay pig about 1.5 ft long and 10 inches high in my living room, it’s name……Margaret!

    • Can I call you Margaret? Not that I think you are ehem a pig. It’s a beautiful name. That is kind of cruel to eat our pets, eh? What happened to Little Red. I hope she had a long life and died of natural causes.

      • Little Red was given to our neighbors when we left the farm, I only lived on the farm 5 yrs. I think they ate her,.. so sad! I even tried to save a baby mouse once, kept it in my Barbie Case (without Barbie of course), layed it in some rags and cotton balls, got up the next morning and it had crawled out and I almost stepped on him. My neighbor came over to see it, we were in the barn and he took it from me…. threw it on the floor and stepped on it! I was devastated! It was my father who decided to give the chickens to the neighbors….not me. It wasn’t a good 5 yrs….. except the memories of the time with MY PETS.

      • Good grief. What a devastating event for a young person. I suppose in the farm, they raise them for consumption. I’m so sorry. Those are wonderful memories having pets except the killing part.

        I remember those cute little mice. I did find some of those in our house. We did not kill them just let them lose. I grew up with no dolls so we have all kinds of pets from roosters, to chicks to spiders to lizards to tadpoles to ehem cockroaches.

      • I’ve always had a pet, wanted to be a Vet, but life went took another path.(I’m allergic to most I found out).
        People would be in absolute horror if I wrote about what my father did to some of them…he was a horrible, horrible man! I grew up pretty fast in those 5 yrs, and this blog is my therapy, my earlier stories tell some of it, I’ve never completed my story, one day I will.
        Sorry I rattled on, I guess a nerve was hit!
        As for the neighbor boy (same age as I) he was very gifted and believe it or not he could get into my head and tell me right down to the pattern on the clothes, what I dreamed about…..his abilities were such a burden he committed suicide a couple years later…..

      • That’s okay, T. It’s good to vent out. I’m glad that you have this space and your blog to remove whatever ails you. It’s important for healing process. P.

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