Weather forecast

The Drop at Vancouver Convention Centre

The Drop at Vancouver Convention Centre

Rain. Never ending rain.

The Drop pays homage to the element of water and the untamable forces of nature which are omnipresent in Vancouver.

Omnipresent? More like “ever-present”.

I’m longing for winter. You know, the snow flakes.

17 thoughts on “Weather forecast

  1. Be careful what you wish for, lol. We got a good dumping of snow today. Driveway plowed out Sunday afternoon and filled back up by early Monday morning again. Kids home from school – now they were happy 😉 I have to say, I took the day off too so my husband could take the better car to work. So it was a pretty good day for me as well:)

  2. Out my window, there are many flakes accumulating…and that’s just on Parliament Hill! Around the rest of the city, they’re piling up like rugby players in a scrum. And cold, hoo boy. So cold. I crave rain and green.

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