Tracy remained. The shadow returned.

Tracy's shadow

At 6:55 am, it’s dark and foggy. The day is slowly waking up and I can only see shadows in the dark.

Waiting at the bus stop, across the street, I could see a silhouette of a person I know who too well. Her name is Tracy.

Tracy is a pretty young lady. Highly intelligent, came from up north to the city to pursue her career as an X-ray technician. She enrolled at British Columbia of Institute of Technology. However, life happened.

Sex, drugs and addiction.

She was living with a man I can only think is using her or maybe she was using him. Who knows? I can only imagine what goes behind the curtain. I can see their apartment from my building. I can see Tracy running away from him naked. Police cars came and go. Ambulance and fire trucks came to the rescue as well. Other unsavory characters, the runners, the pimps, the fight, are just a few of the drama that goes around my neighbourhood.

I was happy there for a while when I saw her moved out. Tracy was gone until she showed up again, all clean, ready to embark a better life. But she has a mission: to clean up the life of the man that she lived with before.

Mistake, I thought. That is one big mistake, Tracy. Run for your life and never return.

Tracy remained. The shadow returned.

16 thoughts on “Tracy remained. The shadow returned.

  1. Powerful photo that is made so by the incredible words you have in this post ~ sad story, but one that still can hold good…if she can make the decision, the difficult decisions.

  2. So true. You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. And to let them bring you down once, then to go back for more is the sign of a really lost soul. Very sad for Tracy. Maybe one day she will learn.

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