The making of a snowman

First you have to find a cute child like Baby Jimmy. Wrap him up in a plastic bag, stuff it with toilet paper, use colorful ribbons for a bow tie and paste a round black paper for buttons. Skip the carrot for a nose. For finishing touches, a Santa hat.

snowman jimmy

BEWARE, don’t let the adults get involved!

snowman adults

Snowmen gone wrong when these adolts (I mean adults) want to have fun, too. They become mummified and scared the living daylight of Baby Jimmy.

Oh the warmth of Christmas will melt the snowmen away.

15 thoughts on “The making of a snowman

    • Christmas is one big party in the our Community (Filipino) and it’s mandatory to have a great time. Jimmy is learning all the loops and hoops on being a Flip. 😛

      • It seems that all Filipino get togethers have that mandatory requirement… Not bad at all ~ and Jimmy’s smile shows that he is well on his way 🙂

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