The Catch of the Day

It was interesting to see contraptions along the coastline of Kochi. These are called Chinese fishing nets that are permanent fixture that is unique and an unusual way to catch a fish. It’s a great tourist attraction.

Kochin chinese fishing nets

Curiously, my two nephews and their sister wanted to know how it works and paid the fisherman for show and tell.

The net is lowered into the water, left for at least five minutes and raised back up by pulling the ropes. This is the hard part. The kids have to partake on this experience and pulled the ropes. They were so excited that they did catch something: a tiger fish, a wee one that has to go back to the sea to grow sharper fangs.

kochin tiger fish

Did the kids dare to hold the fish? Nope, too scared to be bitten. Such scared cats.

Kochin fish market

Besides just a few steps away, one can find all kinds of fishes and have your pick.

There are contradicting history how the Chinese fishing nets arrived in Kochi, Kerala, India. Some says Chinese explorer introduced it, others by Portuguese that came from Macau. Who knows. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that this is the biggest bait for tourist.

13 thoughts on “The Catch of the Day

  1. I came to the pilgrimage page thinking that it might be Camino walk or something like that, just to see Chinese net from Kochi 😀 I am from somewhere near this place 😀

    • This just twigged my mind to change the header titles. Thank you. Camino is there somewhere and is now visible. Hahaha,.. that is just great that you are so close and yet so far. Kerala is a great place for rest and relaxation.

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