19 thoughts on “Checking In.

    • Hi Lisa. News? that will spoil the fun part of savoring the coffee. Back home now and the first things I asked for is a good cup of coffee. Thank you. Perpetua.

      • I’m glad you’re home, Perpetua and hope you had a fantastic trip! Good coffee is one of the things I always miss when travelling and something I look forward to every return. Along with family of course. 😉

  1. Got mine too. Just had my job cancelled for today. Sad but I can catch up on my writing which was waylayed when my parents came to visit. Love this meme. My coffee flavour today is Spicy Eggnog. It is a great brew if you like flavoured coffee. Cheers seeker!

    • Sorry about the job. It’s a perfect meme since I haven’t hAd a proper coffee here in India. Jealous with yours. Lucky night so far, WiFi is connected.

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