Wake Up!

Photographer: Wendy Erlendson, Canada

Photographer: Wendy Erlendson, Canada

How would you like to wake up with cold feet on your face such as a pet frog instead of your average pet of cat and dog?

“My daughter and her pet tree frog, “sticky fingers”, having some fun!”

This is one of the 14 photos selected for Not Your Average Pet National Geographic Your Shot assignment.

Wendy also won an International Photography Contest in 2008. What makes her win is she can bring  creativity and uniqueness to something quite ordinary according to the managing editor of NatGeo.

7 thoughts on “Wake Up!

  1. I’m a fellow pilgrim of this earth too, seeker, and I’m a fellow seeker too, and, yes, I kissed many frogs before I found my prince … I don’t know why you are rejecting me … well, this is my last try to get close to you … it’s okay … peace be with you, seeker … PS: You are not one those holier than thou people or are you? … Love, cat.

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