28 thoughts on “Is America the Greatest Country?

  1. I’m an American. I used to feel so patriot, but now I feel disappointed in my country. It is a real problem that big money has taken over our political system. My hope lies in the anti-corruption movement that is beginning to build here.

    • Hi JoAnn: Thank you for engaging and sharing your view. That is good to know that there is a movement to prevent further corruption especially in politics. It seems that politicians are now being bought out by people or corporation with the almighty bucks.

  2. The video has been disabled here but from the comments I’m possibly familiar with the subject matter. In answer to the question. I’ve always been secretly amused at the childlike American assumption that the USA is the greatest country in the world. Why on earth would they think that? (scratches head in disbelief). I would say they have the most effective media propaganda machine (which is a possible reason.)
    At this point I duck and run! ha!

      • Thanks so much for sending the link. (So thoughtful of you). I discovered I had seen it a while back but always good to review.
        Curiously on checking my mail I found an American friend had sent me a file on interesting photos and facts and one of the 20 turned out to be “most positively thought of country” – guess what? – Germany. No big surprise there. ha!

    • Living overseas for the past 20 years, I have actually become much more patriotic. Every country has issues and frustrating politician, but those countries where people are able to live freely are countries to be admired. However, it would be so helpful if fellow Americans would have a better understanding of what it is like in other countries… πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the link. I am planning to travel to the Philippines in December to visit Tacloban with the HK division of Save The Children (to see the recovery plans that they had made). Very much looking forward to seeing the sights.
        Take care πŸ™‚

  3. I love this show, and this scene was the way they got me hooked. I believe with him wholeheartedly. As a country (and the same applies to us as people, and as world citizens) we have the chance to do so much good. We should remain optimistic, but we can’t afford to keep living in this bubble of blind belief. We can do great things if we work together, but first we have to start.

      • I’m not particularly patriotic, but I can see how people love living here. I’ve been lucky enough to see a decent bit of the world outside of the US, and it’s helped me understand how lucky we are and also how blind we can be. I do believe that if we all try our best to do right by others, we can create real change in the world, though. Just gotta keep plugging along!

        But yeah, the show is fantastic. It’s dramatic, but also has some great humorous parts. Best of all, they’re talking about all real events, from the point of view of a fictional news team that’s interested in giving a fair, balanced, unbiased reporting of the news. It’s the story of how difficult it is to survive in that business if your interest lies more with telling the news than with getting ratings. Great stuff, a really compelling watch. Enjoy!

  4. What film is that clip from. I adree with him wholeheartedly. We have grown lax in our hubris, allowed our freedoms to be happily taken aways by the rich and powerful for the sake of security, a security that has been put in jeopardy by the very same people who say it is for our own protection. We no longer should be looking to defend ourselves from philosphies and enimes without, but from those within who are the more dangerous because we do not recognize them as a threat. Make no doubt about it, our enemy is power and those who have it and we have already lost. >KB

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