I Will Be Here Still

KB of Mirror Obscura is back and ‘still here’ writing his fabulous poetry. Read this and it will awaken your senses.

I Will Be Here Still

The morning is a distance worth traveling
Where you are sleeping under clouds
And the air has frosted words into leaves.
They hang on trees everywhere.

I am wrapped in night like music
In a dream, the whisper of desire
–This moment cannot be repeated,
The time it takes to be changes everything.

Where do my thoughts go in thinking
What color a shadow is?
Sometimes to be asleep is just like a god,
Which Eliot says is a river and a brown one.

The taste of silence fills my heart
–Words can never be less than what we make them.
How far must I go to be where I am
When the sound of living changes seasons.

A thousand years is not enough to live one lifetime.
So I am walking through a wall of waiting.

The currents in water are separate elements,
Like dreams sleeping in the dark space between the stars.

If you are here tomorrow so will I.
If you are not, I will be here still.

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