The fun side of being a minimalist

Think like a child. Chasing bubbles is more fun that having all the toys in the world.
minimalist bubble

Think like a dog. A red ball is his priceless possession. Don’t even take that ball away from him if you know what’s good for you. Hands off!
minimalist ball

Share your love of reading with your neighbourhood. Have an outdoor library. Recycle your books.This will give you more space at home. You’ll get to know the people in your area. It’s more enjoyable to know them and chin wag not just about books. You’ll never know this might be the beginning of a lasting friendship.
minimalist library

These are some basics steps of being a minimalist.

25 thoughts on “The fun side of being a minimalist

  1. I like the association of ‘minimalist’ with simplicity. How much free one can be when life is simple and clutter-free. How easy it is to find joy as well. 🙂

  2. Nice reminder to scale back, Perptua. My biggest problem is with books. I’d really like to have a room that was a dedicated library and then I could have the books all out of boxes and on the shelves, the better to access them.


    • Janet, We seem to have the same problem when it comes to reading materials. That was my idea, too, when I lived in the house. Now, I live in a studio apartment, gone are the books.:) Perpetua.

  3. I love these ideas – minimalism and simplicity have always appealed to me, but I think the opening one about chasing bubbles is my favourite – so true! Great photos too. That dog is soooo cute! Blessings, H xxx

  4. And… Think like a Christian (I mean a real Christian); this world and everything in it belongs to the Creator and we are merely stewards trusted to use His things for Him and not for ourselves. Where did the idea of ownership come from? We brought nothing into this world and it is for sure we can’t take anything out.

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