Remembering our Common Ground

Remember Jimi Hendrix? He is a legend in Vancouver even though he is an African-American. The main connection to this legend is his grandmother who lived in an African-American community in Strathcona area of Vancouver. She owned Vie’s Chicken and Steakhouse, a former eatery, now turned into a shrine.

Source: Inside Vancouver

Jimi Hendrix Shrine. Photo: T. Jerven

Jimi spent much time with his grandmother in his younger days in Vancouver.

Legend has it that it was a meeting place for American performers such at Nat King Cole and Louis Armstrong. It was also a place for Jimi to practice his music.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” ~ Jimi Hendrix born Nov 27, 1942, Seattle

Photo: T. Jerven

Photo: T. Jerven

Since Remembrance Day is just around the corner, the focus of Common Ground is on remembering.


  • how precious the gift of vision is.
  • how important it is to stand up and vote for democracy.
  • how beautiful our wild spaces are.
  • how imperative it is for the people to be heard.
  • how important activists are in changing the status quo.
  • how most of the great achievements in the world came about through cooperation.

We must always remember that we are a nation that honours freedom and democracy.  Do not back down in the face of our freedoms being eviscerated by the government under the guise of protection wanting to draw us into wars of invasion.

And I add, remember that our life is a gift and everything that comes along with it. Remember that we are on loan on this Earth, protect Mother Earth for the future generation. Remember to listen to the danger of global warming, do your part to stop climate change. If we do not act and continue at the rate of how we destroy Mother Earth, this is  worse than any wars in history.

Planet Earth is our common ground.

16 thoughts on “Remembering our Common Ground

  1. how most of the great achievements in the world came about through cooperation.

    This line struck me the most. Cooperation is key to solving so many of the world’s problems.

    Did not know Jim I Hendrick’s spent so much time in Canada!

  2. A very powerful post, and thanks for the Hendrix quote. It rings a bell, but I didn’t know it was him that said it. Mother earth is indeed our common ground, both literally and figuratively, so let’s all tread lightly and lovingly. Blessings, H xxx

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