I can have my cake and eat it, too.

How do I celebrate my birthday?

  • I tell the whole world.
  • I don’t wait for anyone to greet me on my birthday.
  • I greet myself and the rest of the world.
  • I don’t wait for anyone to treat me on my birthday.
  • I throw a party. It’s my treat.
  • I can invite everyone. Not everyone comes. Thank God.
  • I give thanks to God, Our Lady, My Mother, family and everyone.
  • I take a day off work. Never work on my birthday.
  • I wear my birthday suite as I type this blog.
  • I wear outlandish attire. At my age, I think the birthday suite is perfect with all the wrinkles and rolly polly.
  • I put back my clothes on, the cats think I’m weird.
  • I lie about my age.
  • I add 10 years to my real age so that people will say “I look young(er).” So, don’t ask.

For the party, three main food items:

  1. Chris P. Pig. It’s not a party without the famous suckling roast pig. I order this from a Filipino cook. The best part is the skin.
  2. Cakes. Not just one. This is always a given since my niece bakes for fun, for shows and for livelihood.
  3. Pancit. The famous Filipino noodle called “Pancit”. My older brother cooks this in any occasion. It’s good.

For party favour, containers are provided for everyone to take food home to go. I don’t want left overs.

It’s a dry party. No booze. I don’t need artificial spirits but the real spirit of belonging and natural joy of celebrating another day, another year, and another digit added to my age.

In my opinion,my birthday celebration is way better than the Hollywood stars.  Move over Kardashian family.

So, how do you celebrate your birthday?

30 thoughts on “I can have my cake and eat it, too.

  1. I’ll be celebrating my b day at the end of this month – and I’ll have a little shindig at home with the people that really means something in my life.
    Hope you had a lovely party Miss P!!

  2. Happy birthday, my dear friend Perpetua! The roast pig looks delicious, and the cup cakes are cool 🙂
    I celebrate my day whenever I feel like to, I don’t wait until birthday 🙂

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