Art Walk

Art Walk
Drawing from the children’s mind and reflecting upon the joy I felt in looking at their creativity, I can imagine their future as Picasso, Monet or Kandinsky.

A collage of their art work would be perfect for growing minds of children and adults.

The book will exhibit the expressive artwork by using mindfulness and what it means to the student.

Art Exhibit

It could mean from dark, lonely, sad, and negative place to arriving a peaceful and motivated state of mind. When the colors become lighter, brighter and smoother, the mind of the student has transformed to a cheery disposition.

Eventually, in my mind’s eye, their art will hang in a gallery and will become the center of a conversational piece. When it speaks, transports and makes me dream, then the painter has done an excellent job in arousing me to purchase it.

Art Gallery

 Last night, I dreamt that I was floating down the grand canal.

21 thoughts on “Art Walk

  1. I love the color in your photos. I love the first one best because they are all so different individually but they complemented each other in the collage.

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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