Psychiatric Help

And the very best thing in this journey of losing my mind is that God stayed by my side and I am forever grateful for that. Furthermore, my sense of humor returned.

Facebook: Snoopy

Facebook: Snoopy

 Go ahead and hug a dog, a cat, a tree,
Let me know how that feels for you.

11 thoughts on “Psychiatric Help

  1. Puss-cats make the world a better place – says she who has just lit the fire so Sir Fergus can dry off after his romp outside as Master Thirteen didn’t think it fair that WE have the ability to come and go as we please but the puss-cats don’t – bless his cotton socks! 🙂

  2. Dogs ARE the best therapy. My takes me for a walk and listens quietly and attentively to everything I say and NEVER judges.

    Good to hear you are healing and that humour and god help.

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