I can’t read signs. I ask.

Curiosity is in my nature. I wonder most of the times what my nephews and nieces are up to than their parents.  They are no longer children that I used to take on a field trips; they are now young adults in their 30-ish living their own life. Good jobs, good-looking, beautiful partner in life but still not married.  Hmmm…. what’s wrong with the young generation, I wonder?

Of course, I ask them point-blank. Sooo …. When are you guys going to get married? Do I get a response?  No, no, no!

One day a sign.

 You’ve got mail
Sent by: Sister copy furnished to all the Aunties.
Subject: Michael and Jacklyn
With an attachment only.
No body of a letter.

The attachment needs to be downloaded in order to see what it was. When I saw it, my first thought was “what does this mean?” I must go directly to the source, ask Michael (the apples of my eyes) and start the investigation process via Facebook messaging.

Me: Saw a photo of a hand with a ring-a-ding-ding going around in our clan with your name and Jackie? When is the wedding?

He: Oh ya baby! Don’t know probably next summer.

Me: Congratulations. God Bless you both. When you say; oh ya, baby! Is Jackie pregnant?

He: Ha-ha no-no!

Me: Just checking

The Sign of Love

The Sign of Love

7 thoughts on “I can’t read signs. I ask.

  1. A sign of God’s deep patience for His children….He hovers over that seed of wheat that He planted amongst thorns, watering it in hopes that it will soften and sprout, pushing the weeds away but not uprooting them so that the light can find its way down to the wheat sprout, and then coaxing the sprout to grow in spite of all of the weeds and thorns which press upon it. 🙂

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