Fall Obsession


What bonds me from the people who I work with is gardening. I am not a foodie person but when it comes to any types of planting, I can be very engaging socially.

Gardening can become all too consuming and can be an obsession especially in community gardening. Between gardeners, we exchange the product and fruit of our love.

Cayote from the Mother of a female co-worker.  Garlic from a teacher. Tomato from the Mother of a  male colleague. These vegetables are  easy to grow and low maintenance.

Each of this plant has a story behind it. The cayote is the last one that was not eaten by a raccoon, the garlic came from the Kootenay which is the southeast corner of British Columbia and the tomato was grown by an 80-year-old mother.

Giving and sharing comes naturally amongst the gardeners. There is no such thing as selfishness. We share ideas, seeds and camaraderie.

We reap what we’ve sown. And the reward is friendship.

11 thoughts on “Fall Obsession

  1. Because I love gardening, too, I love your post. I only wish, that like you, I have friends to share the joy and fruits of gardening with. Ah, I was able to share some of the summer tomatoes though. I wish I could have shared some with you. 🙂

  2. both of our daughters have become plant from seeds gardeners. I am learning a lot from them both. Patience, diligence, vigilance. All the hard things of life that don’t come without rolling up your sleeves and just doing. They are awesome!!! Someday, Lord willing, when I retire, I will plant lots of gardens: cutting flowers, herbs, food, vines….sigh.

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