How to be really alive!


Visiting the health clinic, there are so many reading materials. This is where I catch up reading.

I am beginning to understand why there are so much reading materials especially People, Chateline, Fashions, Time, Hello, Nature, Business and New Yorker Magazines. These magazines are to keep us occupied while we wait for an hour for a 15 minute visit.

The long wait is just about kills me.

An interesting bulletin board hangs on the wall “How To Be Really Alive.” It was tempting to add the most important message:

“Do Not Keep Your Patients Waiting!

Suppose we all follow this tidbits, then there is no use for doctors?

And that will be a miracle!”

5 thoughts on “How to be really alive!

  1. I always bring a book too. Last time they kept me waiting for almost 3 HOURS!!! I DID have an appointment. When I FINALLY got to see the Dr, she started to lecture me about my blood pressure being “high” (132/80). I was like “are you KIDDING me???”, you’re lucky it didn’t skyrocket to 200/160 after you kept me waiting like that! I was PISSED. It’s like they think nobody else but them have anything ELSE to do with their time but sit around doodling in the Drs waiting room. Like they’re oh so all important and we’re just little peons who don’t deserve the simple respect it would take for their office to call and let us know they’ll be delayed. WOW!
    OK, so I understand completely.
    It was a nice list tho. 🙂

  2. Now there’s good advice on the poster. I usually have to wait an hour also. That’s why I always bring a book, or lately, my android table to play games! LOL I hope you have a great week, P! 🙂

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