Finally, it’s Fall!


Source: Snoopy Facebook

Okay folks, fall is upon us sometime today.
Here in Vancouver, BC; summer is hanging a little bit longer.
Weather outlook: 18 Celsius and cloudy.

Good day, y’hear!

22 thoughts on “Finally, it’s Fall!

  1. here in Texas…fall is a season that sneaks up on us. It will stay warm (today 84F) for quite some time….then one day a bunch of leaves will fall….and we will know Christmas must be around the corner!!

  2. Lucy, speaking into the fall … What a great update on the seasons, and a glimpse of Lucy’s passion. Summer is hanging on here, as well, even though we have had one encounter with some snow, BUT … it was only a dusting. Heavy rain this morning, and last night. Peace, T

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