Best things in life.

It’s so funny to see it from Buzzfeed’s point of view and I can totally relate to this. One doesn’t have to be a Filipino-American, I’m sure other non Filipino-American can find similarities.

Oh, yes, I speak with my eyebrows, I point with my lips, I have a nickname, I eat with my hands, I have a huge family, related to a lot of people (I try to be anonymous and I deny my relationship with them), I use vinegar for saw-saw (dip), etcetera.

12 thoughts on “Best things in life.

      • Perpetua,
        When I was growing up, I worked in a vineyard in the Napa Valley. The man who owned it would only hire Philipinos so I lived next to a labor camp with about 30 filipinos for about 3 years. Loved them. Cock fights, etc.

      • Awesome, Jim. Did you say cock fights. My brother raised Texas roosters for this game. I woke up with those birds! Thank goodness, we are no longer in PI.

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