Waiting … in the Meantime


A lot of life that is about waiting. Waiting until you’re old enough to drive, or go off to college, or marry the love of your life, or…. You get the picture. The life of faith is something like that, too. Theologians are fond of saying we live in the “in-between” time of Christ’s first coming and Christ’s return. Much, we pray, will be made right when Christ comes again. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to do “in the meantime.” Whatever end awaits us, in the meantime we can care for those around us, have courage, share hope, love those around us, strive for what is best, and a whole host of other things.

But that can be hard. As W.H. Auden once wrote, the time being can be “the hardest time of all.” So I wanted to create a place where we can encourage each other in faith and life…in the meantime.

Source:  in the Meantime about David Lose

9 thoughts on “Waiting … in the Meantime

    • Hi Brett. You are welcome. I know it’s easy to get derailed on being present. David Lose inspired me to look at my “in between times” ever since I discovered his site. Thank you. Perpetua.

  1. I keep busy while I am waiting. I have learned that over the years. So I end up with too many balls in the air. I don’t mean I don’t enjoy life. It is good; but there is always the background voice saying ‘No that wasn’t quite good enough … do it again! Try harder!! So waiting patiently is not an option it seems.

    • Hi Helen: Thank you for your input and being able to leave your footprints in your busy life. May you have to try harder on doing nothing and see how it goes with you. Take care. Perpetua.

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