A burst of colour

If you were born in 1917, that makes you 98 years old, maybe looking a bit grey and frayed.

I am talking about the oldest and largest tenant of Granville Island, Ocean Cement’s silos.
Ocean Cement Before

There’s nothing to fret about. A makeover will do the trick. No need for major surgery such as face lift or botox, only a dash of makeup will suffice.

Tah Dah!
Ocean Cement After

A burst of tropical colour brings out the flavour what Granville Island is all about. The silos are just a work of art.

32 thoughts on “A burst of colour

    • It’s amazing what the challenge can do for our brain, Tina.
      It was perfect timing when I happened to cross the bridge again on Friday and saw what they were doing with the silos of the cement factory. When I came home, I pulled out the old photo for the “Frayed” challenge.
      Thank you. Perpetua.

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